Why Bother With Coaching & Mentoring Accreditation?

Whether you are new to coaching & mentoring or have been doing it for years, if you’re considering developing your skills then you’re probably also wondering about the value of accreditation

OK so accreditation is not the be all and end all in terms of developing and building effective coaching & mentoring skills and practice.  Speaking personally, I can say that some of the most significant learning programmes I’ve engaged with in my career have not resulted in a nationally recognised qualification, and those that did just provided the first stage in a much longer journey to developing confidence and effectiveness.

I also feel it important to say that It has been a great privilege of mine to work with some excellent coaches and mentors over the years and not all of them have formally qualified, yet I would not hesitate to recommend them or engage them should the opportunity present itself.

So why should individuals consider undertaking accredited programmes?

Well there are some obvious responses which may include;

  • It could help you advance your career in management or specialist developmental roles
  • It could give you completive advantage in gaining internal or external promotion
  • Qualification is often a requirement of for formal commercial coaching contracts and tenders
  • It provides a mark of quality and will reassure new clients of your ability to practice
  • It provides opportunity to prove practical application as well as theoretical knowledge of coaching
  • It provides you with a new challenge, and opportunity to show continued development of your CV

We could probably list a few more. But just for a second take a closer look at this list, what do you notice?  How many of these reasons are driven by the need to meet an external expectation?

Well other than a desire for a new challenge I’d ague all of them!

That doesn’t mean they are not valid. We live in a competitive world and understanding what’s expected by industry professionals can help us secure opportunity.

However, for the record for those of you serious about developing your coaching skills here are my personal top three reasons why choosing an accredited course could be the way to go.

1) Take time to develop your coaching & mentoring mojo

Accredited courses run over an extended period.  This gives you the opportunity explore in depth different aspects of coaching & mentoring, allowing you to experiment with different models and theories and develop your own personal style and approach. It will help you build your confidence and find ways to integrate the skills into your professional practice.

2) The value of group learning & peer support

The diverse backgrounds and interest of course members are often the most exciting part of bringing any group together. Each member brings something different, and each whether they realise it or not has something to teach as well as something to learn. Peer support and co-coaching practice are an invaluable aspect of many accredited course and help ensure mutual support and encouragement throughout and often beyond the duration of the course itself.

3) Bring what you already know, and know there is always more to discover

Whether you’ve just read a good book on coaching, or have been coaching & mentoring for years, accreditation has something to offer everyone.  There are different entry routes and different levels and different routes you can follow.  However, most courses include the basic principles and build more advanced content over time. None of us ever know all there is to know, personally I’ve been coaching for over 15 years, and still find new insights and approach to experiment with. Some providers like ourselves work with a set of core content to ensure the essential topics are covered, but also build in some flexibility with our material allowing us to react to the needs and experiences of the group.

If you are interested in gaining accreditation there are different routes you can follow.  Do your research, talk to different training providers find out what support they offer inside and outside of the training room.  Think about how you like to learn, be realistic with yourself and identify the important ingredients needed to support your success and qualification.

If you would like to find out more about how we do things we’d love to hear from you. We won’t apply any pressure, or stick you on a mailing list.  We’ll just give you the information you need to decide if we are the right provider for you.


  • Tabassum Sarwar

    Please could you tel me the cost? Also is it available for those who have not done any coaching courses

    • Karen Hickman

      Hi Tabassum – Please follow this link which will take you to the course flyer, this includes cost details.

      I would say it would be helpful to have some knowledge of coaching but you don’t necessary need experience. So if you have not done so already its probably helpful to read, research or talk to others about coaching and find out a bit about how it is used and what it involves before you come on a course like this one. We do teach the skills in the course and there is plenty of time to practice and gain confidence. The level 5 course is most appropriate for people in managerial position, those who support or are interested in supporting the development of others, or those interested in pursue coaching in a freelance capacity.

      If you would like to talk or require any further information please get in touch us our ‘Contact Us’ form on the website.

      Thanks for taking time to read our article.


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