Coach profiles

Coach profiles

Here’s some text explaining what this page is for, how these coaches relate to me, and how they benefit the page visitor.

Karen Hickman

With 20-years’ experience of working inside organisations to support the development of people and services Karen is now the Queen Bee and owner of The Coaching Bug. This is a position that allows her freedom to do the work she loves and make meaningful contributions to individuals, business and her local community.

More about Karen

She is an experienced Coach and when she is not working with her coach clients she spends much of her time supporting the growth and accreditation of new and developing coaches.

Karen’s specific interests and experience are in supporting managers and leaders in their work practices and working with people to support their career planning. She has a genuine interest in people and gets great satisfaction from seeing others take positive steps to fulfil their own potential and that of the organisations and communities they serve.

As a coach she describes herself as a facilitator of thinking and she is committed to providing honest and supportive dialogue where useful challenge can be experienced in a safe environment.

Jeremy Rushworth

Jeremy is an experienced leader and strategic manager with over 30 years’ experience in public sector management ending his career as interim Chief Fire Officer/Chief Executive. He has a Master of Arts from York St John University in Leading innovation and change and is a trained mediator, coach and mentor.

More about Jeremy

Jeremy is an emotionally intelligent person and a collaborative leader. He has led, developed and managed many major change programmes and has considerable experience of dealing with interpersonal conflict within teams. He has over a decade of experience of coaching and mentoring in cross sector public leadership development schemes, with a proven track record in facilitating the development of people, and clear systems and processes. He brings a depth of understanding of people and a relational, empowering approach to all aspects of his work.