About Us

Why we’re here

We think coaching is important, powerful and something many more people can benefit from. We want to positively infect you and your people through coaching, training and facilitation. Having experienced the benefits of coaching first hand and having seen the positive impact our own coaching and training support has made on individuals and organisations over the years, we know it has a valid role to play in the development of people and business.

We think coaching is positively infectious! When Coaching is done well it is an enjoyable learning experience for all involved. So it’s not just the coachee that benefits, the dialogue often leads to insights and learning for coaches to.

However the really interesting thing we observe and the thing that excites us more than anything else is that people who receive good quality coaching not only feel more empowered and confident in themselves they also are more likely to begin to develop the skills of a coach for themselves and go on to share them with more people.

We believe we have a role to play in helping others develop the skills and approaches of a coach and want to expose as many people as possible to it. So our mission is to help infect as many people as possible!

Whether we are training, facilitating or even mediating at the centre of our work there is always a coaching approach.

Our approach presupposes:

  • We always have choice and often more than we recognise
  • We all have or can develop the resources we need to succeed
  • We are always capable of more than they know or may believe ourselves

About Karen

Karen is a proactive learning & development professional and coach with over 20 years experience supporting individuals and organisations. Having worked in the public sector and in HE supporting internal staff development projects her freelance experience extends to working with clients from across sectors and includes supporting voluntary projects in her local community which she feels passionately about.

She is a trained and qualified coach, trainer, assessor, verifier and work place mediator and has in more recent years completed an MA in Leading Innovation & Change, where she completed her dissertation research on the benefits of leadership coaching.

“I view my role as a coach very much as being in service to my client; my ultimate commitment to them is to be useful. That can mean different things for different people, often it involves asking the challenging questions, the ones that make you stop to think or make you shuffle in your seat. As coaching is always about change in some way or another then it is important to remember that we must first feel uncomfortable before we can feel comfortable. My role is to provide an safe supportive space for my clients to experience this and If they don’t feel uncomfortable at some point I’m probably not doing my job properly.”

Karen’s specific interests and experience are in supporting managers and leaders in their work practices and working with people to support their career planning. She has a genuine interest in people and gets great satisfaction from seeing others take positive steps to fulfil their own potential and that of the organisations and communities they serve.

As a coach she describes herself as a facilitator of thinking and utilises her skills in listening and questioning in order to best observe and understand what is been experienced inside and outside of coaching meetings. She is committed to providing honest and supportive dialogue where useful challenge can be experienced in a safe environment.