1-2-1 Coaching

Coaching is a developmental learning relationship which takes place between two people the Coach and the Coachee. The overall purpose of coaching is to provide help and support to enable the Coachee develop their skills and performance and to help them maximise their own potential. The Coachee brings the learning agenda and they decide what they want to work on. The Coach is a collaborative partner in the learning process so is not there to tell their Coachee what to do, but to listen, understand and support them to meaningful conclusions.


Coaching is a conversation with a purpose, the dialogue focuses on the present and the future and the purpose is to help clarify direction, agree desired outcomes or goals the Coachee themselves will value and work together to develop the tools techniques and strategies that will lead to their success. Coaching can be useful to many people in many different situations and it can make an impact on many issues.

Free No Obligation Discussion

If you are interested in coaching for yourself or for members of your team please contact us and we’ll start the process of by offering you a free no obligation telephone call. This provides us both with the opportunity to:


Get to know each other


Explore your situation


Discuss our approach


A chance to ask questions

Next steps

If you want to proceed great, this will be both a fun and a challenging process and we’ll guide and support you through each step of the process.

We will start by agreeing a programme of coaching which meets your needs. The frequency and timescales for our coaching agreement will be influenced by what you want to bring to the meetings and any timescales your working towards. Together we will agree the terms of own unique coaching relationship and will agree how, where, when and for how long we will work together.

As a guideline a typical programme of coaching would include 6x 1-1 ½ hour coaching sessions which would be spread over a period of around 6 months.

We will help you define your own success measures and work with you to support and review your progress every step of the way. We’ll end the process with a review of your progress and our time together, helping you also to set out the next steps to your development beyond our own coaching relationship.

If you are interested in coaching for yourself or for members of your team then contact us now